June 4th, 2000

I'm back! Sory of. I was looking at my weblogs, just out of curiosity, and they show that I'm still (somehow) getting about 10 visitors a day, even though I haven't touched the site in months. Tell me to start back up and I will! Just E-Mail me!


February 25th, 2000

Yeah you may have noticed that I haven't done anything here in a long time... Well I've been busy with school and lots of things, and I don't have time to be opinionated right now. Maybe this site will see life breathed into it at some point in the future, but well it's tough to say. It's been fun, but we may just have to part... L8R!


February 9th, 2000

It's been a few days since my last post, but this is an important one. All of you, stop telling your friends that movies are good! I'm tired of watching movies that people rave about and expecting something wonderful. I've seen too many so-called wonderful moives that turn out to be nearly crap. I sit through the whole movie waiting for the good part instead of just enjoying it. Damn I hate that!

For example, take Payback. That's a good movie right? Too hyped for me, kept waiting for all the cool scenes my friends were talking about and they never came, so I didn't get to enjoy the movie. Boy that burns my bum.



February 5th, 2000

This is just plain cool:

Last year, David Phillips got excited when he saw a promotion by the Healthy Choice prepared food company: mail in 10 proofs of purchase and get 1000 frequent flier miles. Getting 1000 miles for ten $2 dinners wasn't bad, he figured, but getting them for ten 25-cent pudding cups was better. "I quickly realized that for 25 cents I was getting 100 free miles," the Davis, Calif., man said, so he bought $3,140 worth of diet pudding cups, earning 1.25 million miles, or about $25,000 worth of flights. As if that wasn't good enough, he also donated the pudding to food banks for a tax deduction.

Lucky dolt! I wish things like this could happen to me. Unfortunately I cannot claim responsibility for this little tidbit, it came from a mailing list I'm on. You should surf over to http://www.thisistrue.com and take a gander, it's filled with wonderfully amusing stuff!


February 3rd, 2000

Linux Loving Sluts. I've got to say that theres nothing better than a hot girl that knows something about computers. Oh, oh, oh... Mmmmm.


February 1st, 2000

I'm not here to preach. I'm here to rant. Who the hell thought up tenure? What is it that made someone decide that every teacher everywhere deserves to have ultimate job security? I know quite a few that do not deserve it.

Not all teachers of course. By chance the one good teacher I have this semester teaches two of my classes. Not the best, but he usually manages to make the really dull material interesting enough that class is not an entirety of boredom that drags on from now to infinity. For those of you here at TCNJ, that particular person would be Dr. Rawicz. He's cool, if you can get him (engineers only!) do it!

As for Underberg and Reiderer though, these are the people that make me wonder about tenure. These are the people that have figured out that all they have to do is stand up in the front of the room and blabber for an hour and a half and they get paid. One of my fellow students mentioned that we (engineers) have a lot of bad professors because in the computer and engineering industry, one can easily earn as much or more than a college professor. In a department such as say art or english, a college professor's salary can clearly be much more lucrative.

I disagree. I had plenty of teachers in high school that were a lot better than my college professors. Does this make sense to you, my readers? College professors know a lot more about their subject material, since they have a Ph.D. and usually industry experience. You might overlook the one key factor though. Sure, maybe my teacher for "Systems and Signals" might know a lot about that particular course, he has no freaking idea how to communicate this information to others. No idea!!!

I hate them!
(Okay, if you can't figure it out, that's a broken link. On purpose.)


January 30th, 2000

Quite a strange dream last night! I was at the arcade and upset that they were slowly getting rid of all the pinball machines. I love pinball! Anyway, I tried to play on one of the last ones left, and it didn't take the token. I hit the return button and it just started spitting out piles of trading cards, basketball, baseball, pokemon, everything. Out of a hole that surely couldn't fit a trading card through it. Strange.

And we all need to put in a good weeping for the death of R33t. I know that I am very sad they are no longer around.


January 28th, 2000

Thank goodness, it's Friday! Actually Fridays themselves are not that great, I've got an eight o'clock class followed by a lab, and then another class at 3:30, but you know what? Then I don't have any classes for two whole days! It's worth it.

Ever heard of ASME? I'll bet you haven't. Well, it's the American Society of Mechanical Engineers. I'm a computer engineer (student) but I'm taking part in their Student Design contest anyway. The web page is crap, but read it. This is tough, just me and one other kid working on it. There's a kid in our grade that we really want to beat because he's such a prick. He's the knowitall perfectionist type. He's gonna make his way too complicated, we might be able to beat him. Then there's two seniors doing this for their senior project. The way their faculty adviser acts it is very clear that he hates us for joining. So we want to cream them too. At this point it seems we have a good chance too. Just a few small snags yet...



January 25th, 2000

Ooops, missed a couple days. Well at least today was eventful! We got snow last night, and they actually cancelled school!! You can't imagine how insanely happy I was that I didn't have to stay awake and go to my eight o'clock class! Got a few interesting things for you to check out:

Evil Jeeves - Just a frontend for the regular Ask Jeeves, but kinda funny.
The longest town name and URL - Just a little strange....
The Simulator - Just in case you're bored with your own life, try out another!

I think that should be worth at least a few minutes good entertainment, don't you? Well, go see Tripping The Rift if you don't. Well, even if that did entertain you go! This is an awesome little short movie, funny as anything!


January 22nd, 2000

Ooops, a little late, it's technically been the 23rd for an hour and a half. Deal with it.

Well, I've got a wonderful little announcement, I finnaly recieved an e-mail from someone! Oh how happy, I hope some of my other readers feel like sending me a message sometime!

Well, I've got to say that I've got some choice material for you today! Nothing's been happening personally, but wow have I found some, well let's say interesting sites!

Foaming at the Mouth is by far the best most entertaining website I have ever seen! This guy is awesome. Read the entire thing.
This page has some interesting reading too.
And finally, the Excite Search Voyeur is the undeniably sure way to tell that this world is just plain insane. Read some of the weird crap people want to find on the internet. You'll be amazed, trust me!

Oh, and there really are some dumb people out there. Wow.


January 21st, 2000

I must say I am very disappointed by the results of my first survey. Thirty percent of you think Chevrolet makes the best sports cars? What are you thinking? American cars are crap! (And yes, I'm American by the way). I've lost faith in some of my readers.

Come to think of it, I'm actually quite happy that I seem to be gaining some actual readers, stats show maybe 5-10 per day now. If anone is in fact reading this, could you e-mail me and tell me where you found out about my page? I'm curious and I'd love to know. Thanks!

Looks like updates could very well regularly fall into only one every other day. I am back at school now as you probably know and it's busy. Busier than I wish it was. got some okay teachers, but I've got to do the work for a few, they just don't feel like teaching it seems. (So what are we paying them for I wonder?) Hopefully you're all ok with that!

If you're looking for something to do, or just a laugh, Learn about an interesting company or read something "Revolting!".


January 19th, 2000

Know what I hate? I hate companies that try to do too much. One example is Creative Labs. Look at their page, they have tons and tons of products. Certain things I know for a fact they do not make, they just re-label it to be able to sell it with their brand name on it. Creative Labs is a company that was launched into success "way back in the day" with their Sound Blaster line. They were some of the first really good, widely accepted sound cards and they set a standard. Since then, the company has ballooned to try to grab every cent it can from anyone it can. A lot of companies do this, and I hate it. Why can't we have companies specialize, and make good products??

Microsoft is an even stronger example of this. They balloon like nobody's business. They churn out crappy product after crappy product just so that they can get a little slice of every software market. If they don't do a good enough job, they start giving it away for free so at least their competitors don't make money. They couldn't compete otherwise. Think what might happen if someone made a quality product that rivaled Microsoft?!? Our whole world would turn upside down!

And people that don't know that you don't double click on a link in your web browser!! Stupid idiots!


January 18th, 2000

Sorry I missed the update yesterday. Just got back to school and my first day of classes was busy. Three classes and a lab in one. I can't say this semester is totally horrible from what I've seen so far, but it is better than last. I've got to take a history course this semester. I took "History in American Technology" and I hope that it is at least not mind-numbingly boring. Anything but would be wonderful for a history class of course!

Worst thing that could happen of course, is an 8 o'clock class. And I have one. Systems and Signals was only offered at 8AM and that makes me upset! Worst part of anything I've found out now that not only is it way too early in the morning but it's horribly boring! Basically it's a math class, but worse, it's an applied math class, which means it's all word problems. The teacher is just plain bad too.

Well, I'm still busy so I'll get off to other things. Wait for my post tomorrow!!


January 16th, 2000

Sorry, no time for a "real" post today. Moved back to school today and have been busy unpacking and getting stuff ready for classes tomorrow! Tomorrow, can you believe that?! They don't let us move in until today and we have classes the next day, so much time for adjustment and unpacking and everything. Oh how I love this school. Not!


January 15th, 2000

I recently read this in a e-mail newsletter I get, a good one called This Is True:

BEYOND DUMB: It was a routine check-in at the Meador Inn in Van Buren, Ark., the desk clerk said. The man registered for a motel room, even looking in his wallet so he could fill out all the information required on the card. Then he followed the clerk into the back room, robbed her, and fled, she said. Police asked to see the registration card. It showed the name Scott Brady and a local address. Police found that Scott Brady was a real name, and lived at that address. They arrested him and charged him with aggravated robbery.

Yeah. They call the newsletter "This is True" because you wouldn't believe it otherwise. Actually, that's just a dumb criminal act, you can find tons over at Dumb Criminal Acts. I'm tired of living in a world full of people like this!


January 14th, 2000

Wow, it's been two weeks and I've only missed posting one day! Good for me! Anyway, isn't Halloween a strange holiday? What is it that we're supposed to be celebrating? And how come kids get to run around and gather piles of free candy? I think the kids finally got it right, for once. In almost every circumstance, kids have it real tough. Kids don't have rights. There's always a parent or a teacher controlling what you do or say, you don't get to control your life much at all.

But Halloween is definetly a day that the kids show ultimate triumph. I know a ton of kids that would love to dress in entirely strange clothing every day of the year. And if you throw in free candy, they'd just be ecstatic. Hurrah for the kids! Perhaps this small triumph will eventually grow into more significant ones? As far as I know we currently have the youngest president ever in office. Who knows, maybe a few years down the line some kid will be in court fighting the age limit rule so he (or she, yeah right) could become president. Hey, it could happen.


January 13th, 2000

Headline: Obese Children At Increased Risk For Low Self-Esteem

I wonder what scientologist genius it came up to produce the research to back that up. Maybe all the fat, friendless kids moping around schools all over the country, or for that matter world??? Just watch a talk show like Jerry Springer or something. Of course we all know that show is fake, right?? That same site says "Severe depression and thoughts of suicide increase this time of year, too. The experience may be particularly worse this year as the excitement of the millennium celebration fades." What the hell? People want to kill themselves because the party is over??? They need to die off and let the stupid people fade away!

As for me, only one day left of work before winter break is over and I'm back to school!! Can't wait!


January 12th, 2000

Ooops, I put "10th" in the last post when it should have been 11. Silly me. I won't fix it, what purpose is there anyway?

"Self?" I say to my self.
"Yes?" I say back.
"You don't have many (or is that any) readers you know."
"Yes, I know, but I have fun making this. Sure sometimes I struggle to put stuff every day. Maybe my life isn't interesting enough for me to talk about that, but I usually find something!"
"Should the page continue though?"
"We'll see..."


January 10th, 2000

What could I possibly say today? I'm tired, work was a bitch. I am sick of working and I want to go back to school where all my friends are! Well it will be over soon (Friday the 15th) and I really just can't wait!

I'm just plain tired and sore, so this is all I can muster. Go look at some dead people.

Added at 7:30 - Oh wait, I do have something you might want to see, the Pieclopedia over at BadAssMofo.com

And I haven't begged you to sign the guestbook in a while. So I did.


January 10th, 2000

"Astrology gained a huge amount of support by the scientific community today when one twelfth of the worlds population got hit by a truck."

Check out Lockergnome! It's a wonderful e-mail newsletter that I subscribe to, and I think you should too! It's packed with all sorts of great programs and tweaks and tips for Windows. You'll love it too!

I have to say, though, working with idiots is nearly unbearable. Get this, I'm told to help this guy move a bunch of 21" monitors from one storage room to another. (As if it weren't enough waste to let thousands of dollars worth of computer equipment sit around in some room, you might as well pay us to move it!) Next to the pile of boxed 21" monitors is a pile of old, unboxed monitors. Suffice it to say that the unboxed pile was not very stable without the pile of boxes to lean against. The unboxed, old monitors pile decides to fall when one of the boxes is taken away. Frustrated that he now has to rearrange the old monitors pile, the guy picks up an old 15" monitor and throws it across the room! Where does it land? On the pile of HP LaserJet printers of course, stacked atop each other in a precarious tower. Clearly, the printers quickly gave way to gravity and leapt towards the floor, letting plastic bits fly forth from both the printers and the monitors. It's crazy! I hate corporate America, they waste all our money!

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January 9th, 2000

Oh crap, I missed a day. I guess you'll live. To repay you though (at least the women), here's a guide on how to pee standing up. And for the guys, some porn is always enough.

Beware, the next world war is nearing! Fear the Commanbear! "Note the ultra-bos DHTML at the top. That's no grapic." Boy that looks cool, I guess. "Let's copy it," I think. Done. I love Dreamweaver! But I don't think it's DHTML, It's just layers, HTML 4 I think (3.2?).

Whatever. I've had fun today, have you?


January 7th, 2000

Okay, again it's really not the 7th anymore, it's 1AM on the 8th, but I haven't gone to sleep so it's still the 7th for me! As you can see I have a few choice pictures for you! You might be very interested to know that one of the people in the picture with the torches is me! Yes, I love fire and explosions with a passion. Try and guess which one is me! Of course just regular fireworks are cool, but when you make the fire and explosions yourself, it is so many times cooler! I have a few close friends who go out to the school's soccer field with me late at night and we burn or blow up just about anything we can. Boy, that is a load of fun!

I don't know how in the hell they got so popular recently, but I must express my vehement negative emotions towards Sport Utility Vehicles. Why do people drive these things? I've never heard a good reason. Things like "I like to ride up high so I feel safe" are pure bullshit, if there weren't all these huge SUVs driving around everywhere, then there wouldn'tt be anything to be above! I know for a fact that driving a sports car is hell because of these things, all up high with their headlights right at eye level witht me. DAMN! That's unpleasant, a pair of 75 Watt high-beams shining straight in your eyes. Makes driving real safe, I gotta say.

Hope you enjoyed the dancing man! For those of you that were wondering:
1) He's not naked, just scantily clothed.
2) He's my gift from me to you. Don't you see the gift-wrapping that he just climbed out of on the floor below him?


January 6th, 2000

Hey, it's only 5:30 PM, I managed to remember to update this thing before midnight! You should go read a post at Roosh net called "Let's Get Rid of all the Dumb Ones". This guy knows what he's talking about! I have always loved The Darwin Awards, and some of my previous posts have talked about how I think quite a few people need to die. Of course the Darwin Awards highlight those people who manage to cleanse our gene pool by killing themselves in extremely dull-witted ways, thereby removing some of the stupider inhabitants of our planet and doing the entire human race a favor.

One of those people that deserve to die is in this article. Let me tell you, one of the things I really hate is sue-happy people. Too much of America is very sue happy, and it ruins things for a lot of us. You realize that it's not those companies that pay for these law suits, but all they do is charge more and the consumers, or us are who really pays for these idiots. I still think nothing compares to the lady that got an actual settlement and got money for putting McDonald's coffee in her crotch!! People that get money for being stupid really piss me off!

Blind link!


January 5th, 2000

Past midnight again. Will I ever turn "normal" and be able to sleep, say in the nighttime? For those of you who don't know, I've got some strange sleep problem. Not officially, because I've never been to a doctor, but I've surely got something. You see, I am half-vampire. I sleep during the day, and I'm awake at night. Or really, I wish I was. Work, school, dentist appointment, something always makes me wake up. I hate that because I'm really really bad at waking up. Can't do it. Just can't do it! Last semester at school it wasn't that bad. Earliest class was 12:30 and I could deal with that. But no, next semester I have a class at eight o'clock in the morning! I have a feeling that I'm gonna fail that class, because if I ever make it to class, I will not be awake.

If that didn't amuse you, check out Zorak's Page of Not Liking Stuff. It's pretty lame, but it's a good laugh. And NewsRadio is on TV, wow that's a great show. It was definetly better when Phil Hartman was still on. Too bad he's dead.

Rice cakes. EEEEEW! Do these really need to be available on-line?

And if you don't do anything else, read this magazine article!


January 4th, 2000

Ever want to be someone else? Take a trip into fantasy, with Brad the game! Reminds me of those Choose Your Own Adventure books I used to read when I was a kid. You might as well try out one of those links, CuzDamn, they're cool.

For those of you that haven't seen The Blair Witch Project yet, please don't! It's retchingly-bad. I don't know how people think it's so good. I think I'm going to be seasick! But I saw The Simpsons this night at 11 and it was a great episode, with Stampy the Elephant! Kickass!

Short post, it's late and I need to go to work tomorrow. Blech. (Which, of course means eeew.)


January 3rd, 2000

What a boring day at work! I didn't do much of anything, I am really glad that I'm just a college student and I'll only be doing this for the winter break. I feel really sad for my coworkers, their life has got to suck! (I don't tell them this though, they probably don't want to hear crap like that.)

Also, stupid me. I didn't get 61 hits at all. I used the old counter I used to use on my other web page and forgot to take it off that one. I have only gotten about 6 hits, and they were all me! Ooops.

What a strange January. Usually January is a cold month. Not this year. And that's just wonderful when you have cheap parents like mine. To them, winter means that the screened-in porch becomes one big refrigerator. And of course now a bunch of food is spoiled, seeing as it's been 50-60 degrees for a few days. Ha.

And, if there ever are some other readers for this page (ever) then you're welcome, I reformmatted the page to better support 800x600 resolution. If you're still way down at 640x480, then eat me you crotch goblin, you need a higher resolution.

Why not sign the guestbook?


January 2nd, 2000

Wow, now I feel really cool. Submitted this page to a few search engine type things, and wow 61 hits all the sudden! Anyway, I realize that some of you may think that this page is just a place for me to complain at. Well it's not! I want this to be a page that you can read and just think "Wow, it was fun to read that." Of course that means I have to decide whatt it might be fun for you to read. If you have a sense of humor like mine then that will be an easy job. So I'll assume you do and be lazy. If you look to the right, you'll see a stupid little picture that looks like a three year old drew it. Well, it wasn't a three year old, it was me. I was bored last night and I found crayons. What better to entertain then crayons? I wish I was three again. Click on the picture and see my masterpiece in all it's glory! Ain't I just a wonderful artist? While you're at it, why not sign my guestbook? Nothing could be better or more emotionally fulfilling!

Oh and apparently I am a financial genius! I have had money invested in the Vanguard 500 Index Fund for a couple years, but according to my homepage, as of yesterday I've quickly become 90% on my way to being a millionaire. Oh wait. AltaVista is just a piece of crap, their numbers are wrong. As for TV, Comedy Central ran a great marathon on the wonderful British TV show Whose Line is it Anyway. That has to be the funniest show that I have ever seen. Just think a lot crazy people being put in odd situations with no script. More fun than a barrel of monkeys! But don't even think about trying to pass off that new version w/ Drew Carrey. That's just plain stupid.


January 1st, 2000 - Midnight

Well surprise, surprise. Here it is, the big Y2K and absolutetly nothing has happened. My computer still works, I watched the ball drop on TV, and then the TV just kept working. The electricity didn't die. The nuclear bombs didn't randmoly shoot off all over the country. WE DIDN'T DIE! Who's surprised? If you are surprised, then I wish you were right, because you really really deserved to die.

I am so sick of everything in any way related to Y2K that it really makes me sick. First, there are months and months of news stories, articles, and all sorts of crap on every end of the spectrum ranging from "Y2K is just a big hoax, there's no bug" (Which is false, I've fixed non-compliant computers at work myself!) all the way up to "You'd better stockpile your Pez™ because the world as we know it is about to end, and that will be the the only worldwide-accepted currency as soon as the new millenium hits!" Stupid idiots. Die. Extremists are some of the worst beings on the planet. Not the AIDS virus, not even Barbara Streisand. Extremeists not only offer nothing to the world, they actually detract from it. Either they're convincing people to be complacent about a real problem, or they're getting people scared about stuff that's really no big deal.

But there's not only the Nostradamus-esqe doomsday propesizers, there's the marketing. Why does every company have to "celebrate the millennium with commemorative packaging"?? Commercialism sucks hairy donkey balls. But of course, the worst part is that there is really nothing to make such a big deal about. So what, it's another year. Happens to have four digits and the last three are zeroes. So that means it's a new year, decade, century, and millenium. So? I've never been big on things that happen every year, like birthdays and new years, unless it's a holiday like Christmas where I get stuff. Get over it people! How many reports and articles and little news snippets am I going to have to deal with about the actual impact of Y2K now that we're through it? Aaaagh!

The Simpsons™ kicks ass.


December 31st, 1999

So what is with this? I read a lot of strange web pages, and some have a lot of crap on them that's just people's random thoughts. Weird stuff, sick stuff, just things that are often interesting to read. This is the same thing, but it's mine! If you are reading this, you can probably tell it's really ugly. Well, it's supposed to be. No pictures (that should change). Ugly colors. So what? If you're reading this, you can tell that just maybe it is something that might be really cool to read. It's worth it. Maybe not. Anyway, check back here and maybe, just maybe, you'll find something interesting to read. I'll try to keep it all the truth, but mostly it will be my own insane opinions, so deal with it!

So. Fat people should not have children! I was sitting around today and this thought just hit me. Over 50% of americans are actually and really obese. Fat. Disgusting. Fat people have fat children. Fat people shouldn't make fat children. This world clearly does not need anymore fat people. That's all.

So it's New Year's Eve of 1999, something like the biggest party day ever and I'm here all by myself. No friends. Nothing to do. Awake at 8AM because of a dentist appointment and already bored at noon (why do you think I'm doing this?). Woo hoo! Isn't my life just wonderful!