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[TXT]aliexpress-url-cleaner.user.js2019-11-07 21:17 510 Display short copy/paste-able URLs for AliExpress items.
[TXT]amazon-url-cleaner.user.js2016-08-20 11:15 1.1KShow the shortest possible URL for Amazon items.
[TXT]discord-to-app.user.js2021-09-26 12:11 369 Redirect from discord front page to discord app.
[TXT]ebay-butler.user.js2022-03-21 10:02 6.1KRearrange various parts of eBay to be more readable and usable.
[TXT]forum-archive-de-referencer.user.js2012-12-23 21:33 522 If you end up at a searchable forum archive, automatically open the full version instead.
[TXT]hacker-news-mobile-skin.user.js2019-10-06 17:23 733 Make the Hacker News UI touch-compatible.
[TXT]imgur-minimal-gallery.user.js2017-10-13 10:11 5.9KTurn gallery browsing via imgur into a clean minimal experience.
[TXT]linkify-plus.user.js2015-10-30 10:14 6.6KTurn plain text URLs into links. Supports http, https, ftp, email addresses.
[TXT]mint-skip-front-page.user.js2021-09-22 11:28 576 The page is easy to navigate to, but just a stupid ad. Auto-navigate to the login page.
[TXT]newsblur-allow-wider-images.user.js2017-02-26 20:44 654 Allow images (especially web comics) to be wider.
[TXT]one-window-please.user.js2021-09-26 12:06 1.4KGenerally force pages to stay in their own window(/tab).
[TXT]programmers-textarea.user.js2019-10-29 12:02 5.0KAdd features for writing code in textareas. Edit source to see and enable/disable features.
[TXT]protect-textarea.user.js2017-11-16 10:35 3.3KProtect from closing or navigating away from a web page with changed textareas.
[TXT]reddit-comment-expander.user.js2023-11-18 19:23 1.5KExpand all comments. Useful when your default expand threshold is high, for popular subs, but less popular subs mean you need to expand all of the (very few) comments to see them.
[TXT]reddit-no-link-tracking.user.js2017-02-26 20:45 505 Remove outbound link tracking on Reddit.
[TXT]schwab-eac-skip-front.user.js2021-12-03 09:31 470 Go from the front page (which I never want to see) to the login page (which I always want to) automatically.
[TXT]slash-search.user.js2023-06-25 11:33 1.5KFor (nearly) all websites, make forward slash a hotkey to focus the search box.
[TXT]straight-click.user.js2024-04-04 15:44 1.7KClick straight through links that just redirect somewhere else. Based on NoMiddleMan from
[TXT]strip-utm-tracking.user.js2019-06-28 09:30 684 Remove utm_ parameters from the query string, used by Google Analytics.
[TXT]submit-in-select.user.js2012-12-23 21:33 893 Submits a form when a select box is focused and you press enter.
[TXT]tvheadend-localstorage.user.js2019-11-22 22:07 3.6KThe Tvheadend app stores data in cookies. Too much. Use LocalStorage instead for better efficiency.
[TXT]walmart-first-party.user.js2021-10-27 14:45 400