Gmail Delete Button - Archived Comments

The comments for my Gmail Delete Button script have gotten bulky and out of date. I have archived them here for convenience.


Doesn't work?
2005-04-11 20:42 - arantius

I've heard some complaints that this script didn't work. I'm quite sure I've found the cause, and I just released a new version of the script that should get around that. If you still have problems don't hesitate to use my contact form and let me know what's wrong!

Version 2 Beta
2005-04-13 22:32 - arantius

Here's a beta release of version 2 of Gmail Delete Button. Version two adds buttons on top and bottom of the inbox, plus top and bottom of each message in the inbox! It's placed right next to the archive button in both cases.

It's only beta because there is still a problem. The button in the inbox works great, but pressing the button in the messages destroys the buttons (until you refresh the whole window). It's up to you if you find this better or worse for now.

gmail delete button
2005-04-14 07:06 - wdelange
I use your gmail delete button. What I noticed is that the button dissappears when I change the language of gmail to "Nederlands". I don't have any problems using an English gmail, I prefer this above using my native language, but maybe other people prefer that. So, a little bug for you. Groetjes Wim de Lange
2005-04-14 14:37 - arantius
Hi wdelange. That's a good point. Right now, the script relies on finding a button labeled "Archive" to know where to put itself. Once I have the bigger issues worked out, I'll deal with i18n.
Version 2!
2005-04-14 19:55 - arantius

Hi everyone and thanks for your interest! The main link above has been updated to point to version 2 of the Gmail Delete Button script. The buttons should be more persistent and probably work with any language. I haven't tested the latter so I cannot be sure, but I welcome feedback about it. Enjoy!

Thank you!
2005-04-15 08:50 - kasia
I installed the latest version and it works without any problems. This is very handy :). Thank you!
2005-04-21 09:13 - wdelange
Tested it with the Dutch language (Nederlands). Works like a charm.
Version 2.1
2005-04-25 14:33 - arantius

As per a suggestion in a comment on another blog, version 2.1 shows the delete button in the search page as well.

Gmail Delete Button 2.1

No longer working?
2005-05-16 20:16 - phukaut
The script doesn't seem to show the button anymore. I tried the Smart Delete Button script also which shows the button, but doesn't actually delete anything when clicked, neither from the inbox or message views. Has Google changed their code recently? I know of one other person so far for whom this has not worked.
"Smart" button
2005-05-17 10:01 - arantius

Someone else has taken this script and made their own version of it. They call it the "smart" delete button. They have refused to attribute that I am the original author, and I'm quite steamed about this.

I mention this because people have been mailing me recently saying the script doesn't work. The most recent complaintant included a screenshot of the javascript console, showing failed function calls to functions only in the "smart" script. If you have problems, before mailing me please check that you are using MY version and not some other. Thanks.

No button
2005-05-17 13:44 - jedimaster
I tried the smart version first as wll - then removed it and tried yours. However, like the user on 5-16, I do not see a delete button either.
No button
2005-05-17 13:59 - smokinburt
I'm having the same problems as the above posters. Your script does not show the button. The "smart" script shows the button, but doesn't work and I'm getting the failed validatedeletebuttons function calls.
2005-05-17 14:03 - smokinburt
The error I get in the JavaScript Console is Error: _gd_place_delete_buttons is not defined
Updated version 2.2
2005-05-17 20:39 - arantius

I'm not sure what changed in greasemonkey, but version 0.3.3 broke this script. That's why this error proved so elusive, I hadn't upgraded yet! In any case, version 2.2 is now out which appears to work with version 0.3.3 of greasemonkey. THe link at the top of the page has been updated. I welcome your feedback.

It works!
2005-05-17 23:20 - phukaut
Thanks for the update.
lockdown on gmail
2005-05-19 17:17 - hanoii
I have been using your script for two days, which I loved BTW, and I had sadly two different lockdown on my gmail account :(. One today and one yesterday. The first time I got locked (it is for up to 24hs only) I disabled greasemonkey and your script, later on (I am a developer) I though it couldnt't be your script, bacause it modifies the page on the client side without bothering the server, so I enable it some time later, and again I got locked down today, (for an hour aprox. now it is ok again) and now I disabled greasemonkey and unistall your script again. I want to see what happen now. I am not using anything else (gmailFS or anything weird, except the official GmailNotifier). By trying to understand what was going on I get to the following questions: 1) Is it as I thought, that your script doesn't bother gmail server for anything? 2) Is is that not your script, but greasemonkey extension bother the server to which the script applies? 2) Is there any way that gmail might be validating its DOM structure, trying to detect some nasty modification of its output (I guess they wouldn't like the hidding ad script that is available for greasemonkey). I know it is all a clientside code, but I thought this may be done be leaving some special signature on a cookie based on the current DOM, and updating it every time you click on something, or when the page refreshes. I am just brainstorming a bit about this, and may be you can give me some feedback. Anyway, love your script (not using it right know though), Greetings from Argentina, a.=
Re: Lockdown on gmail
2005-05-20 08:59 - qBot
I've been a victim of this myself. I actually had read your post already so i was fairly wary of it. After having this script installed for two days i noticed over an hour ago that the gmail page was refreshing constantly (two/three times a second judging by the status pane at the bottom of firefox). When i logged out and back in again, my gmail had been locked out. Had to wait an hour to get back in. Friend of mine said he noticed the refreshing too but only when he had loaded gmail up in one tab but had another tab active. Hope this helps
Like I said in the article...
2005-05-20 10:25 - arantius's not official code. There could be bugs that do negative things, certainly. The only thing that the script intends to do is: inject a button which when clicked activates exactly the same method that gets called when you click 'actions, move to trash'. So as long as it's not broken, IMO it does nothing horrible.

There is, though, for example the "Humane Gmail Autosave" script that seems to save every 10 seconds, which makes me wonder why they called it humane. That seems a bit abusive to google's servers.

This delete button script has been downloaded thousands of times so I'm inclined to say that it's something else that is actually causing these lockdowns. Of course I can offer no guarantees. It is possible (theoretically) for there to be code in Gmail that detects the script and takes action against it. There's no good way to know for sure though.

another lockdown here...
2005-05-20 10:38 - nerun
I also experienced the lockdown, and Gmail Delete Button is the only greasemonkey script I was running. Like qBot, I was experiencing the constant refresh symptom. I also see repeated errors in my JavaScript Console: Greasemonkey: Delete Button: Exception when injecting : (new TypeError("doc.body has no properties", "chrome://greasemonkey/content/browser.xul", 148)) I loved having the button but I also understand that it is not official code and so is offered "as is", so am just posting this info in the off chance that a lot of us will start experiencing this problem, and this info might help track it down. For now, I've turned it off, and I miss it!
Re: Lockdown on gmail
2005-05-21 11:37 - qBot
Sorry, just to clarify. I wasn't complaining about the script either. I just wanted to report the bug. It's either Greasemonkey itself or the Gmail Delete button script. I only installed greasemonkey two to three days ago and the Gmail delete button was the only script i have installed. I have been using Gmail for almost a year and i've never before been locked out of my account. By expressing the symptoms i saw i hope someone can see what the bug is and fix it. As like nerun above, i do realise that the script is given as is and there is no warranty, I just want to help out.
For those who may be interested...
2005-05-27 13:16 - arantius

A simple statistic: This script has been downloaded from my site well over five thousand times. There have been only 3 users (see above) who have reported problems with lockouts of their accounts. The numbers suggest very strongly that either other software or use/abuse of the account is causing the problems noted. Be it a piece of software designed to use your gmail account as a drive, or sending/receiving a lot of big attachments, or who knows all the conditions that may factor in to it?

I'm simply saying that the numbers suggest 4,997 users have had no problems that they decided to post here about. Or, six hundredths of one percent.

2005-05-28 00:42 - phukaut
Or perhaps most people won't bother leaving a comment and just choose to remove the script quietly when they run into a problem. Google seems to take extra efforts to make it annoying to delete messages and clear them out---but that's for conspiracy theorists I guess. I haven't had any problems with lockouts so far, but my account has low activity and maybe won't register if I use the script once or twice a day. If something happens I'll let be sure to shout about it here. Cheers.
Another lockout...
2005-05-28 11:27 - SethCohn
Here's another lockout to count... And the rule is: if you have 1 complaint, there are 10+ you never heard about.... so don't discount the problem... Contact gmail and greasemonkey and find the bug, or your users are risking constant lockouts (3 for me in 3 days... and I ruled out everything BUT delete script, thank you...)
Yet Another Lockout
2005-05-30 12:52 - Reid
You may have had 5,000 downloads, but methinks Google has only recently started locking down accounts over it. Plus, not everyone is willing to register to leave a comment. It's the law of Actives and Passives ... for every "active" user willing to complain or compliment, there are 9 "passive" users who feel the same way ... but would never go out of their way to tell you. Count me as yet another with a 24 hour lockdown, and only your script and "Persistent Searches" is installed. It's a shame, as I'd already gotten used to having that Delete button in place.
Locked out
2005-05-30 14:46 - jimmycurN
I was locked out too. Disabled the script, then I was back in business. Interestingly, there aren't any problems using it from my Mac, just from my Windows PC at work.
and one more data point
2005-05-31 00:44 - elfintech
I was locked out several times as well, until I disabled the script. Then re-enabled it this afternoon, after several days of no lockouts, and I just got locked out again. And while only a few people have reported it to you here (I almost didn't, when I saw you had to register first to leave comments, but then I realized that you needed to know since you're so certain that no comments means there's no problem), if you do a google search of "greasemonkey" "gmail" and "lockout," you'll see plenty of other people who've been locked out who report this is the only gmail script they've used.
Haven't you got locked up?
2005-05-31 17:59 - hanoii
When I first post about my lockout, I thought plenty of people were out there using the scripts and nobody ever post here anything about, whether they get locked out or not. But what I thought is that you, who made the script, would be using it and would be aware of this kind of gmail behaviour before everybody else. It appears right know that something is happening to some people, not just the few you thought... and not to others (as you). May be it has to be with some platform issue (as there was one guy here that on Mac he was having no trouble) or may be gmail is somehow detecting the modification. Anyhow I think you have some more cases to think as something might be going on with your script or greasemonkey and if you like and have the to do it, it might be a good challenge (detecting and detection code by gmail), I don't know if your script works in the HTML mode of gmail but with plain HTML there is no way that gmail might detect any modification and the script should work ok. About posting, the register page ask for a nickname and a password, don't be that lazy, register and post :)
If you want to help
2005-05-31 20:54 - arantius

Okay, first, so yes. I know that full well. We're up to 7 reports, and well over 6000 downloads. Let's say that actually, ten times as many people have had problems. That's still only 1.1%. This is what I was implying from the beginning. I can't divine the special circumstance that 1% of the world is doing differently from everyone else. If you have problems, report report report! Read about how to ask smart questions and post helpful bug reports. Then let me know what's going on!

What version of Firefox? What operating system? What version of greasemonkey? What language of gmail's interface do you use? What volume of mail do you receive a day? How often do you click the button? I could go on and on. But, I've used the script plenty and I have had no problems, whatever it is I can't observe on my own.

I maintain by the way, out of stubborn pride (and also, feeling that I'm right), that it's not exactly this script. It's this script combined with something that 0.1 to maybe 5 percent of the population has, and we'll need to work together to figure out what that combination is.

lock out behavior
2005-06-02 04:19 - faultymonk
So I've remined quiet for a while until I could see what was going on (partially because I didn't want to bother registering). The lock out isn't due to google trying to detect the button. What's apparently happening is that with the delete script enabled, occasionally gmail would get itself into a loop refreshing itself like mad. Of course, after a while of doing this, gmail locks you out. I'm not sure what in the code is causing gmail to refresh itself like mad, but it does happen if you leave gmail open and logged in for extended periods of time. I'm running FF1.04 w/ GM 0.3.3 on XP (SP2).
lock out
2005-06-02 12:16 - harryb
I had the exact same thing as faultymonk - there seemed to be a looping condition where gmail was in a loop refreshing itself continiously (many times a second). After disabling this extension and waiting for the account to unlock it was then ok. I am running FF 1.0.3, grease monkey 0.2.6 on xp sp2.
Email me
2005-06-02 16:12 - arantius

I'd appreciate if those of you experiencing this refresh could email me (top right, contact link) if you're willing to spend a little time working with me to help narrow down the cause.

yes -- constant refresh
2005-06-03 08:54 - nerun
The constant refresh reported by faultymonk and harryb appears to be exactly what qBot and I reported on 5/20. My habit is to have my Gmail tab as the first tab in my browser, pretty much open 24x7. The refresh issue seems to only come up after an extended period of time (translate: hours). Since my lockout on the 20th, I spent one week not using the script, fearful of another lockout. Then I spent the last week experimenting with not leaving my gmail page on 24x7. I leave it up for at most 15 or 30 minutes. No lockouts. I'm slowly venturing into longer and longer periods. Firefox 1.0.4, Greasemonkey 0.3.3, Win 2K
Version 2.3
2005-06-07 10:41 - arantius

I have just released version 2.3 of this script. There may be functional issues with it but I am rather confident that it should solve lockout issues. As always, I am happy to work with anyone continuing to have problems with the script. Feel free to comment here about any questions comments or complaints you have. Please, though, if you are having problems use the contact form to let me know and I will do my best to work through the issue.

Stability issues, resolved?
2005-06-16 09:40 - arantius

I have had only one user complaining of lockout issues who has emailed me and agreed to work with me to troubleshoot the problem. That one user though has had good results (no lockouts) with version 2.5, which makes me more confident that the bug is resolved. I am as always though still willing to help anyone having serious problems with the script. Just click contact in the right column to email me!

version 2.4
2005-06-17 01:45 - aurel
I was using version 2.4 and my gmail account is locked down...
Version 2.5 looking good
2005-06-17 13:48 - nerun
Hi. I'm the user who as been working with Anthony (arantius) offline to try to troubleshoot the problem. I want to first take a moment to thank Anthony for taking the lockout problem so seriously, and for working with me to help figure this out. Anthony had me run a series of tests, and the "aha!" moment came for me when I ran an identical overnight test on two different PCs, my home desktop PC, and my laptop. Both PCs were running the same version and patch level of Win 2k, the same version of Firefox, the same version of Greasemonkey, and the same version of the Delete button script. On the laptop, I would reliably get the lockout if I left it overnight. On the desktop machine, no lockout! In any event, 2.5 seems to solve the problem -- at least for me. I have run my overnight test using 2.5 on my laptop, and no lockout. My testing was all done with a test gmail account, so as to not lock myself out of my real account. Now that I passed the test, I have ventured into trying 2.5 on my real account for extended periods of time. So far (two or three days), so good. So, a BIG thank you to Anthony! Aurel -- since you got locked out using 2.4, I can only suggest trying 2.5.
smart delete button
2005-06-17 13:48 - faultymonk
For a variety of reasons, I had switched to using the smart delete button, forked from this. No lockout issues since. (gmail appears to have changed its url to now btw).
help:How to use it ?
2005-06-19 02:49 - brjcom
help:How to use it ?
Updates and etc.
2005-06-19 12:17 - arantius

Brjcom, that question is a bit vague. Check a message (in list view) or open one and click the button. What more is there to know?

Faultymonk, whatever makes you happy =) I do all I can to resolve issues, but since I cannot replicate them, I rely on user input to debug them, which is scarce! Also, if I manually go to '' I get sent to '' like always.

In that vein, the only real input I have gotten is that lockouts seem to occur only after extended periods of time. In 2.3, I reworked the logic to use a much slower timer, and nerun as posted above had better success. In 2.6, I have completely removed the timer in favor of watching events. This method is not foolproof, but should be more stable. Like I said, as always, I'm happy to work with you if you're having problems!

Full Extension
2005-06-20 11:01 - arantius

Though I might have disparaged it in the past, I have made use of Aadrian Holovaty's Greasemonkey Compiler to create a full-fledged firefox extension for this script, mostly prompted by brjcom's confusion and the general popularity of this script.

So, now, you can install the Greasemonkey extension, and install this script as part of it, or install the full-fledged standalone Firefox extension to get delete button functionality. As I said above, please do not install both, that would be bad.

Smart Delete Button
2005-06-20 11:05 - conor
First, I would also like to say thanks for this great tool. Secondly, I am also getting directed to when logging in. I added this url to the script options and it works fine again.
New beta version
2005-06-23 10:10 - arantius

Interested users, please check out the newest version of this script: 2.7. This version adds internationalization. I have a few languages in there, some of which came from online translation tools and may be bad words. Please, if you speak another language (that GMail supports) suggest the right word to use for the button!

Archived comments
2005-06-07 10:41 - arantius

I have just released version 2.3 of this script. There may be functional issues with it but I am rather confident that it should solve lockout issues. As always, I am happy to work with anyone continuing to have problems with the script. Feel free to comment here about any questions comments or complaints you have. Please, though, if you are having problems use the contact form to let me know and I will do my best to work through the issue.

That said, I have archived the old comments for this article away because they were getting very bulky. Please read what people had to say there if you have any concerns.

New releases!
2005-08-17 12:01 - arantius

First, version 2.8 of both the user script and full extension editions of Gmail Delete Button were released yesterday. This version is only a minor update for the user script, involving some internal code enhancements mostly, which also effect compatibility with Deer Park.

The full extension, however, jumped from 2.6, and now includes the language translations that the user script has for some time, which is great for non english speakers!

I have also written a brand new script which lets you perform more actions easily. It should not have problems installed with GDB, but I suggest you install only one at a time. Check out Gmail Action Links.

crashes firefox?
2005-09-13 10:01 - sunadrad
The full extension (2.8) seems to work fine for me. However, if I install greasemonkey (0.5.3) and then the user script (2.8), then firefox (1.0.6) crashes right after I log in to gmail. All it says is "segmentation fault". I'm running under FreeBSD. (I'm afraid I don't know details beyond that as I don't maintain the system.) The gmail action links script does the same thing. Any thoughts?
Probably not me..
2005-09-14 13:25 - arantius

If the extension works and the user script doesn't, then the difference is Greasemonkey. Except for minor diversions (language translations) that code is identical between the two versions. The difference would be the installation/injection method which is pretty much beyond my control!

How bout a version of gmail delete or action scripts for Seamonkey?
2005-09-16 13:09 - ScottF4
How bout a version of gmail delete or action scripts for Seamonkey?
Problem with extension
2005-09-17 23:28 - hall
I have been using a greasemonkey script for this same function but few if any extensions have been updated for FF 1.5beta. So, I ended up with this extension.... I've run into a problem though and can duplicate it, "fix" it, and duplicate it again:

When this extension is loaded, I can't type the apostrophe " ' " character anymore. When I do, FF opens it's "Find" menubar. I uninstalled the extension and I can again type apostrophes. Add the extension back, and I can't use it again.

Seen this before ?? Any information you'd like about my setup ??
2005-09-18 10:37 - arantius

a) I use Firefox. I don't plan on supporting Mozilla, I don't think it's worth my effort. If you disagree, you're welcome to invest your own time and energy in supporting Mozilla.

b) I'm not terribly interested in supporting later versions (i.e. betas) of Firefox until they're more stable. It says very clearly on the download page that the beta is only for testing, not primary use. If it doesn't work with anything, don't use it! That said: the apostrophe is the firefox key for find-as-you-type-in-links, if something isn't working right I can barely see how any of my code is doing it, it's likely a bug in Firefox. It's a beta you're talking about, after all.

Apostrophe key "bug"
2005-09-18 11:01 - hall
Fair enough on your end regarding the apostrophe key issue. I can understand you not "supporting" someone else's beta software. I simply don't know who is at fault here and wanted to make it known.

I'll submit a bug report to the FF people today.
language missing
2005-09-20 18:13 - deadmind
hi there. :) looks like a great script, but i'm just here to suggest support for Hungarian Gmail. the word for "delete" should be "töröl" or "törlés".
Another issue (??)
2005-09-23 21:23 - hall
I finally got around to confirming this as I thought I'd notice this when I was installing and uninstalling your extension previously. When it's installed, pressing "Home" or "End" on my keyboard doesn't move the page to the top or bottom of the webpage. I don't mean "Alt+Home" to load my 'home page' either. Uninstalled the extension and I can use the keys like they're supposed to work.

Off to bugzilla again to look for similar issues now...
Gmail delete button
2005-09-27 05:56 - dalemunk
In Dutch (both for Holland and Belgium), you can use "Wissen". In Swedish I would suggest "Ta bort".

2005-09-27 13:14 - michan
You say it works with 1.5, then how? I'm only getting messages about that it only works for 0,9-1.0+.
1.5 compatibility
2005-09-27 14:17 - arantius

Is user-script only. Version 2.9 of the user script works in Greasemonkey 0.6+ and FF 1.5 beta. The extension does not.

Sporadically missing?
2005-09-27 14:35 - matthewsim
Sometimes when opening an individual e-mail, the "Delete" button doesn't appear. When I reopen it, it is usually there. Does anyone else have this problem? I'm using Firefox 1.0.7, Greasemonkey 0.5.3, and Gmail Delete Button 2.9.
Thanks... a great addition to gmail
2005-10-01 15:11 - Juliejayne
I started using the compiled extension. Then I wanted to use some other Greasemonkey scripts, and so lost the Delete button. But the latest script version works with greasemonkey 0.5.3 and Deer Park Alpha 2. Thanks.